A Debenture Day at Wimbledon

Arriving at the All England Club on a summer’s day is one of the sporting and social worlds great privileges, accessible through acquiring your debenture ticket from Wimbledon Debentures Direct.

Life really does not get any more pleasurable than spending a day at The All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club watching ‘The Championships’. How perfectly English that the honours being competed for are the Ladies and Gentlemen’s titles. Whilst attending Wimbledon in any form is a delight, the experience enjoyed by debenture holders is truly exquisite.

Your ticket provides for entrance through all gates, however Gate 4 is reserved for debenture holders and its use is encouraged, perhaps after dropping the car off at Car Park 8, also reserved for use by debenture holders only. Once inside, be it your first visit or your fiftieth, the grounds are breathtaking, an ocean of perfectly prepared, manicured and presented purple and green, be it foliage or staff. We would encourage an early arrival as whilst play on the ’Show Courts’ start at 13:00 or 14:00, matches will commence at either 11:00 or 11:30 on courts 2-18. To fully appreciate your Debenture holders ticket, spending some time watching either play or practice on the outside courts should not be missed. The ability to get so close to the action as the world’s finest warm up is unmissable.

Perhaps, after an hour or so watching play it’s time to experience the dining facilities, bars and lounges available to debenture holders. These are only accessible via the separated debenture holders entrance, by showing your ticket and badge to the most charming stewards. Once inside there is an array of options from light snacks and drinks in the NO.1 Bar overlooking Court 17, to The Champions Room where you sample Wimbledon’s finest dining experience during a four course lunch at your reserved table, yours to enjoy for the entire day. Alongside these are the Renshaw and Courtside Restaurants with three course table service, the Italian lunch at The Veranda and lighter food choices and drinks at either the Terrace, The Roof Top, The Gallery and The Lounge. All of these are delightful and several require no pre booking.

So, on to your Centre Court experience. There are no bad seats on Wimbledon Centre Court, there are however, the best seats. These are the ring of middle tier debenture seats, on a level with the Royal Box. Here you can watch the choicest matches in comfort and enjoy the exceptional view. You are free to come and go as you please as the three or more matches take place. The retractable roof ensures play during inclement weather and matches can continue late into the evening.

A day at Wimbledon is simply one of England’s finest offerings and as a debenture holder, you will enjoy the very best of this unique event and leave with a memory for life.